How to start monitoring IP cameras ?

  • Getting started

    Sign up for an account in camlocus website by selecting the plan. Then just login.

  • Add cameras

    Once logged in, click button Add camera at the top of the page and enter camera name, click Save. You will then receive unique FTP credentials (ip, username, password).

  • Final steps

    Configure FTP credentials you received above on your IP camera. To do this, you need to access your camera, find FTP section and add details there, so the camera will begin sending photos via FTP. Please check video manual for details.


  • How many days of history do you keep in the cloud server ?

    It depends on your selected plan, the more storage you have, the more history of photos/videos you can hold. If upload interval is high and image quality is in high resolution, then you can keep less information compared to lower upload intervals and image quality. Available storage is always visible in the control panel. Older photos/videos are automatically deleted once you reach your storage limit.

  • What is the maximum allowed upload interval via FTP ?

    Unlimited, you can set any rate you like as long as it does not exceed your storage limit.

  • How can I preview history of all photos ?

    Click history button and select any day you like from calendar. The recorded images will be played like video.

  • How do you detect camera date and time ?

    All you need to do is to select country where your camera is located and we will detect correct date and time for you, no additional configuration is needed on your side.

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