Powerful features

Easy installation

Add camera in camlocus and receive FTP credentials. Use those credentials to configure camera and upload periodic pictures to the server. That’s it, your camera is added !

All cameras in one place

Connect multiple cameras from multiple locations in your account, no need to use additional software or server for each camera.

Task Scheduler

Video recording when you need it. The software allows you to setup the periods of a day and special dates for these tasks. For example, you can start monitoring your home at the beginning of your working day, and to finish the task at the evening.

Cost effective

Camlocus is far less complicated to setup and use than most surveillance services. You don't need to configure your router/firewall, you don't need to worry about dynamic IP address. The price is lower compared with services offered by traditional security companies, and is far easier to setup.


Monitor all your cameras on any mobile device or laptop. Scenes can be monitored in near real-time from anywhere.

Supports almost any IP Camera

Camlocus camera monitoring platform supports 500+ cameras in the market. If your camera is not supported, please contact us and we will help.

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