Whitelabel Cloud Video Surveillance Platform

Camlocus gives you multi-site video surveillance whitelabel platform.

Use with any cctv camera

Hardware independent cloud adapter

Connect your cctv camera to your own cloud adapter which can be your pc, virtual machine, raspberry pi, etc.

Artificial Intelligence compatibility

Motion detection can be used with CodeProject.AI Server or DeepStack using 3rd party software like BlueIris


Unlimited sites

Access your cameras from anywhere. Unlimited sites, cameras and users in one place.

Quickly set up your cameras

Setting up your cameras is an easy proccess. You dont need any special hardware adapters or so, you can use existing camera configuration without changing anything.

Create CCTV

Once logged in to the platform, create camera, select video source and motion detection option.

Connect CCTV

On your end, you can simply use ffmpeg, cloud adapter or blue iris to begin streaming data via RTMP. Also, via blue iris you can activate motion detection videos to be uploaded to the cloud server.

Real-time monitoring

Thats it, you can now preview your camera live on the website via any device including smartphone. Alerts and playback will be accessible as well.

Ready to get started?

Choose your plan and get started monitoring your cameras and recording to the cloud storage.