Main Guidelines for setting any IP Camera on CamLocus


Once you have a CamLocus account, last thing to do is to setup your ip cameras to send images/videos directly to your Camera dashboard. In most cases setup of Ip camera is an easy task. However different brands ip cameras could have slightly different process. Usually it is because of different ip camera features and software. Here we will present main steps which will help you do it by yourself. If you do it first time, it could take around 4 - 15 minutes.


What you will need?

  1. Active CamLocus account;

  2. Ip Camera(s);

  3. WIFI / LAN Router;

  4. LAN cable;

  5. Computer (Recommended) / Tablet / Smartphone connected to the Router


We divide process in three stages:

  1. Connecting your ip camera;

  2. Finding ip camera in your network;

  3. Setting up data transfer to your Camlocus account.


1. Connecting your ip camera.

  • Plugin power cable. Have in mind that your ip camera has to be close to wifi/lan router, at least while you setting everything. Once the process is finished you can attach it anywhere in the zone of your lan cable length or wifi signal;
  • Connect ip camera to your wifi/lan router via Lan cable. You need this to add ip camera to your home network. Once you have done it, you are ready for next stage.


2. Finding ip camera in your network.

  • Check if in your ip camera manual provided by manufacturer you can find an ip address with which you could find camera in home network and log in to admin panel. If you found it jump straight to the step 2.4.
  • If you did not find an ip address, then we recommend to use software which will scan your network and will find your ip camera and its ip address. Free software example for a computer -
  • Once you launch an ip scanning software in your device, press SCAN. When scanning is finished, you will see a list of devices connected to your network. Search for unknown device, ip camera brand or manufacturer name.
  • Once you find ip address, copy & paste it in your web browser. If the ip address is correct you will see a branded login page. Search for username and password in ip camera manual. Most often login credentials are Username:Admin and Password:admin. If you logged in, lets go to the last stage.


3. Setting up data transfer to your Camlocus account.

  • Please note that depending on ip camera model and manufacturer, following setting up process could be slightly different. 
  • If you want to switch from Lan to Wifi connection, then in IP camera admin panel find Settings->Network->Wireless or Wifi section. Then there should be button Scan / Search button to find you wifi network name. Once it is found, fill in Password and press Save or Apply. Once this is done, you can disconnect LAN cable, Restart OR turn off/->on OR plug out/in power cable of your ip camera and next time it will connect via Wifi. 
  • Go to your CamLocus account, press ADD camera. Fill in the name and time zone and press SUBMIT. Once you do that, our system will automatically generate an FTP Host, FTP Username and FTP Password, which will be needed in next steps.
  • Go to your IP Camera Admin panel and now you have to find FTP section, to set up where your Images/Videos will be sent. Once you find it copy&paste from CamLocus:
  1. FTP Host;
  2. FTP Username;
  3. FTP Password.


PORT: 21. NO DIRECTORIES needed. Don’t forget to SAVE / APPLY.

Last but not least, we recommend you to find IMAGE settings and Options where you can set image size settings and how often your Ip camera will send Images to your CamLocus account. Think carefully what image quality and frequency is needed.


Most popular settings are:



  • 1 picture per 60 Seconds;
  • 1 picture per 10 Seconds.



  • 800x600;
  • 1280x720;
  • 1920x1080.


This is important to You because the lower the quality or frequency of your ip camera images the lesser bandwidth is used to send images and accordingly lesser your CamLocus account storage is needed for you.


If you have any questions related setting your ip cameras, please let us know at


We will do our best to help you.

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